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WATCH Geneva Cruz surprise a fan at SM Makati

The gorgeous Geneva Cruz was shopping at #SMMakati when she heard someone singing her songs (#AnakNgPasig first, and then #PangarapKa), so she asked her cousin (Enang) to take a video of what she was...

‘I was just doing my job’ ~ Jorge Manalang

The Pinoy who intercepted a runaway cart at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport on Monday said ‘I was just doing my job’ ~ Jorge Manalang of Envoy, a subsidiary of American Airlines. Saludo kame sayo...

World’s Funniest Flight Attendant EVER!

WestJet’s Mike McAdam is the funniest flight attendant ever! I wish all my flights has him or someone like him do the pre-flight safety demonstration. Ultra funny I tell you! 😂

Dalawang Makulay Na Pugita Nikita Sa Romblon

Nakuha sa camera ni Joseph Elayani ang dalawang makulay na pugita sa Romblon. Rare ang mga pugitang ito at binansagang “multi-coloured blanket octopus”. Panoorin ang nakuhang video ni Joseph Elayani.

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